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what is search engine optimization?

With the internet dominating the business world, the need to have a striking website has increased among companies. Hence, a good positioning in the search engine result page (SERP) is very important. Securing a good position with the search engines is not a matter of chance or twist of fate, but of comprehensive research and keen analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of bringing your website in the top search engine ranking for a advantageously defined set of keywords. SEO brings your website visible on the internet in the search engines (Google / Yahoo / MSN) results which are helpful in capturing more clients / visitors.

Some of the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing include:

  • Increase and Improve Visibility
  • Increase Targeted Traffic
  • Increase Qualified Leads and Conversions
  • Increase and Expand Market Share
  • Increase Online Areas of Influence
  • Increase Your Bottom Line

Our Search Engine Optimization Process and Deliverables

Following chart outlines our SEO services that will be rendered during the term of the agreement. This package has been created after analyzing your website.Our search engine optimization process can be described through as below

Step 3

    Off-Page Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Product Directory Submission
  • Social Book Marking Services
  • Press Release
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Forum Signature Creation

Step 2

    On-Page Optimization

  • Optimizing Title Tags & Meta Tags
  • Optimization Site Directory and structure, Navigation
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Existing Content Optimization
  • Creation of new Optimized pages
  • Image Optimization

Step 1

    Site wide Factors

  • Preparing a detailed SEO Strategy
  • Basic Keyword Research and identification
  • Competitors analysis and report preparation
  • Site change implementation
  • XML Sitemap
  • RSS feeds
  • Website Traffic Analysis

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what is search engine optimization?

Why a Web Site Needs Search Engine Optimization

The increased visibility which results from a properly well thought-out SEO optimization campaign boosts your website's ability to be found by searchers seeking your services. This increase in targeted traffic to your site greatly increases the likelihood of sales.

General observations:

When using Google to check for the competing pages through the SERP house the key phrase in quotes. This will do the exact phrase searching for the phrase that we are optimizing for. We found the following observation about site.

  • Website could not index all pages with the crawler of search engines as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Site need to compete its rival and other competitors having a higher PR (Page Rank) to get a high SERPs in search engine.
  • Website requires more link popularity. For achieving this purpose, we need to build natural quality links.
  • All sites require online SEO factor integrates with entire site as Meta tags, alt tags, anchor text, title tags, image optimization……etc.
  • LSI based SEO oriented Content will be required; website shows a lack of SEO oriented content in website. So site requires new content, articles, press release drafted and published.
  • Not highly targeted on search engines with organic result in past.
  • On first look these are the points,

Typically offline competition for the business & online competition are not equivalent. The client needs to be driven out of this mindset. Online the competition for us depends on the key-phrases that we choose rather then the industry or the competition chosen keywords.

A comprehensive analysis will be carried out as part of the SEO project.

Activities Explained:

Business Analysis - A better understanding of the client’s business, objectives, target customers, competition, and market competency is analyzed during this phase. A thorough understanding of the business will also enhance our knowledge about your target customers. Unique selling proposition will be thoroughly understood including branding strategy.

Web Site Architecture Assessment - Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis of your web site. We will go behind the scenes and examine the design, flow and construction of the site from an optimization perspective. This is vital for search engines such as Google who spider the web and rank sites based upon an algorithm.branding strategy.

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what is search engine optimization?

Competitive Analysis - A thorough review of your competitors’ positions and keywords is undertaken. This process is both enlightening and instrumental in establishing a competitive advantage.

Keyword Research & Analysis - This is a crucial stage that finalizes the keywords capable of capturing qualified traffic. We help to determine the most appropriate selection of keywords / phrases that should comprise your submission list by researching search traffic patterns within the major search engines. Relevant keywords are generally determined by understanding the clients. The keyword finalization is followed by phrase positioning according to the competition on search engines. The keywords that will generate the maximum qualified traffic for your business are consistently monitored through our special techniques.

Site Optimization - This is a vital phase to make the site Search Engine friendly. We then work closely with the appropriate individuals within your company to implement site modifications always adhering to white hat techniques that will lead to greater prominence within those search engines. Section stage includes but not limited to insertion of Meta tags, optimization of images, insertion of alt tags, etc. The link structure of the website is also altered so as to make it friendlier for the spiders to follow.

Consultancy to eliminate the design Issues – There may be some design issues that need to be carried out on the entire site. These issues do not come under the scope of SEO project, these may be critical to the rankings. In such changes, we will consult with you to establish how these changes will be carried out.

Quality Check – This involves the extensive quality check to make sure that all the specifications in the optimization plan have been done. Various offline and online software are used to make sure that the proved optimization standards are met.

Site Submissions - During this step, the website is systematically submitted to various web directories and search engines. This step needs to be carried out using manual submissions, keeping within the parameters set by various search engines on the number of pages submitted per day and the type of websites to be submitted.

Link Popularity Campaign - includes researching websites which relate to but do not directly compete with the client’s website and then exchange links with them. This is a very important step as more and more search engines are using link popularity as one of the factors to determine the rank of a website.

Site Monitoring & Maintenance - Search engine optimization is a process. This step involves ranking observations, traffic trend observation and tweaking of the website regularly so as to maintain the achieved rankings and further enhance them.

Wikipedia Submission – Wikipedia is a part of SEO, we also submit your Website into Wikipedia.

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Reporting Structure

Total SEO Plan At the start
SEM Progress Report Monthly
Traffic Report Monthly
Link Building Report Monthly

Our Packages

  Basic Standard Advance Premium
Key Phrases Optimization UP TO 05 UP TO 10 UP TO 15 UP TO 20
On Page UP TO 30 UP TO 60 UP TO 120 UP TO 200
Articles 1 unique 1 unique 2 unique 3 unique
Directory Submissions Every Month 30/m 60/m 150/m 300/m
Article Submissions to Height Ranking Article Sites 05 08 10 12
One-Way “ Do-Follow ” Link Building 20 40 80 100
Social Book Markings 50 75 100 150
SEO Targeted Blog Comments 05 10 20 30
Contextual Links 0 0 2 4
Major Social Media Accounts Setup
Local Map Listings
Reputation Checks
Monthly Reports
(Article,Blogs, Link Building, Submissions, Bookmarking’s Online Visibility Report and Ranking Report)
SEO Packages Price $200/m

Phone: +92 334 6044 182